Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter again?

So we decided to give easter a second chance this year, personally i think we should do that for every holiday, especially christmas, it would go something like this.

Ashley: i didn't get what i wanted for christmas again!!
Ben: I like none of them the best!!!
Kaitlin: I have the most presents i don't know if i can open them all!
Robbie: I wonder when dinner is???

Mom: It's ok, remember easter, we'll just have it again next week, if we can re ressurect the savior, he can definitely be born again!!

Dad: as long as i can get some more gun stuff it'll be cool!

Brandi: hey kids lets go play with all the toys and let the grown ups debate whether it's ok to have two christmases!!

Roger: Two Christmases? why not three?

Chris Nelson: I'm down for that, as long as it's mexican style!!

Rob: Did someone say tamales?

Karissa: .....???????.......(confused look on face, trying to look cute)

Blaze: ruff ruff woof woof, lick, scratch, sniff butt!

Mom: lets have pizza!

Dad: i'll make my own food!

Ethan: boom boom pow?

Ali: candy? im a candy pincess!!

little ben: fart, little poop, burp, bigger poop.

Moral of the story....

Little ben is the only one that has any sense in this family.


  1. lol I laughed all the way through this post! Too Funny Rob!

  2. I read this shortly after you posted it and thought it was funny! Kaitlin actually read it to me and laughed even harder!! it..Roger would so do Christmas everyday if he could!!