Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter again?

So we decided to give easter a second chance this year, personally i think we should do that for every holiday, especially christmas, it would go something like this.

Ashley: i didn't get what i wanted for christmas again!!
Ben: I like none of them the best!!!
Kaitlin: I have the most presents i don't know if i can open them all!
Robbie: I wonder when dinner is???

Mom: It's ok, remember easter, we'll just have it again next week, if we can re ressurect the savior, he can definitely be born again!!

Dad: as long as i can get some more gun stuff it'll be cool!

Brandi: hey kids lets go play with all the toys and let the grown ups debate whether it's ok to have two christmases!!

Roger: Two Christmases? why not three?

Chris Nelson: I'm down for that, as long as it's mexican style!!

Rob: Did someone say tamales?

Karissa: .....???????.......(confused look on face, trying to look cute)

Blaze: ruff ruff woof woof, lick, scratch, sniff butt!

Mom: lets have pizza!

Dad: i'll make my own food!

Ethan: boom boom pow?

Ali: candy? im a candy pincess!!

little ben: fart, little poop, burp, bigger poop.

Moral of the story....

Little ben is the only one that has any sense in this family.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

I once said i never understood this whole blog thing, if anyone ever wanted my oppinion they could come and ask me for it. I suppose though this is an ok alternative to having to sit down with a journal and pen to record my life/feelings/mishaps, and what not. It always seems to be conference weekend that i get the guilty feelings for not following the prophets counsel to keep a journal so i guess this is my way to ease my conscience.

In the past year and then some i've learned what it means to be married, now when i say that i'm not making any pretentions about knowing how to be married, i just know that being married means i'm not nearly as cool/tough/easygoing/or any number of things that ones ego would convince him of while he is single and isn't subject to a females 24 hour scrutiny. I've learned i have many shortcomings and fewer redeeming qualities than i was once under the impression of having. After having made these observations however i'm grateful for the clarity with which my wife see's myself for now i don't have to live up to my misconcieved potential. I just have to live up to hers. According to my wife i never do the laundry, never clean the dishes, never vacuum, and i always leave the seat up. Now those are some qualities i can perpetuate!

Other than my wifes observations i've made some personal observations, it seems that marriage comes with alot more baggage than i would have imagined, about 50 lbs of baggage located at or near my midsection. It's crazy how one day i was a lithe young man and almost over night i was a baby baluga, i say a baluga for the obvious whale reference but also because in this chubby condition my skin aint seeing much sun either. i guess a little of my pride/vanity has survived the scrutiny of my wife. more later.....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jeff and Ivory

Yeah!! sissy gets married! My sister and best friend Ivory Kisler married Jeff Ranstrom on Aug 29, 2009. Wow what an exciting day, it was the perfect weather for the perfect couple. I love you guys so much, and am so happy for you! Ivory married a great guy perfect for her and Rob and I are so excited to have him as our new brother! Our next mission is to get sierra married. Jeff's sister-in-law Holly did a great job on their pictures... take a look :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surf and Slide

Thursday we went to the surf and slide water park to hang out with my siblings and the Riner's. Sierra had errands to run so I took Cade with me, we had a blast and he loved the water. Kacey and I hung out until Ashley and the kids got there. Rob and I had a blast playing with our nieces and nephews, and Ethan, Taya and Aliana loved the water. Ali was scared at first with the big pools but warmed up to the water when we took her to play in the kiddie pool to go down the slides. Ethan and Taya fearlessly jumped into the big pool with their water wings, and had a great time. We had such a good time that when it was time to leave the didn't want to get out of the pool.

Ali got the concept of climbing up the stairs and sliding down.

She really loved it when she could climb higher and slide longer all by herself.

She slowed down when she was more interested in the water coming out insead of the slide.

Ethan would jump to Rob in the water, climb out and do it agian.

I had a hard time getting a good picture of Ethan because he would go up and slide down really fast.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedding Weekend

On the 27th we had two weddings to attend. Since Rob was working of course that ment that I went by myself. Derek and Sara Royalance got married friday the 26th and I went to their reception at the Roylance home. Sara and I were really good friends growing up through church and sports. we are so proud and happy for them.
My second cousin and really good friend Stefanie married Nic Galfano on Saturday the 27th of June. My family was there and my niece Taya was able to play with her cousin Evony. I got some cute pictures of all the kids.

Derek and Sara Roylance

Nic and Stefanie-- you may kiss the bride

Cade was my little buddie

Dane, Taya, and Amber

Dane and Taya have chessy smiles

Emily Shuler

Kelsey Garner
(Kelsey Stefanie and I are all second cousins)

Taya had fun with the other kids there


Taya had fun posing for me

Kelsey and Cade

Monday, June 8, 2009

Kisler Vacation

The Kisler's went on a family vacation to Redmond Oregon, in June. we had a blast and did many things together. We went on bike rides, played wally ball at the sports center, played golf and went to the splash zone. On the way down we stopped at this museum totake some family photos. Here are some pictures of our amazing time!

The Waites

The Riner's

The Kisler's

Deer were always walking around outside our condos

At the splash zone, the water felt good on our sunburns

Amber and Mom working on their tan

Averie and Rachel (our cousins) and ShaNia

Every couple of seconds a bucket of water would dump out

then they would run and jump in the warm kidde pool

Dane showing off his muscles

Rob showing off his

ShaNia and Taya are best friends

Cade loves the water

Paxton James and Cade Stephen

Cade climbs on everything

Ivory and Rob goofing off on the trail

Rob and Brandi

Me, pushing my bike up a huge hill

Clayton John and Todd Stephen

Taya Marie


Grandpa and Grandma with Cade

Ivory Lynn

Kacey Stephen

The Riner family (Paxton in Amber's arms)

ShaNia Kay